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There may be many causes of hair loss or hair weakness. Genetics, age, chemical factors, misuse of drugs, diseases and chemotherapy may be the cause of hair loss. An adult can lose 100-150 hair per day. If hair loss is above this number, there may be serious health problems and this can be called hair loss.

Hair transplant operation is a serious business and should be done by experts. Our experts do their best for you. After the operation you may contact us at your recovering period, 7/24.

Bosphorus hair transplant center, with great experience of more than 8 years and large staff with 20 persons, serve our patients quality service, who prefer us from all over the world, especially Europe.

Bosphorus Hair Transplant.

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According to many researcher the best country for hair transplant is Turkey. Surgeons in Turkey are certified by the leading international hair transplant boards like ABHRS and ISHRS; which puts them at the same level as any hair transplant surgeon in USA, Canada or Europe.

Turkey is the only country in the world where you can get a hair transplant ranging from 2000€ to 10000€.

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Currently, Turkey is the main hub for hair transplant attracting patients from all over the world. This means that hair transplant surgeons in Turkey have a higher chance of handling a wider varietyof hair types.

Even the most difficult cases e.g. curly, afro hair, cicatricial alopecia, transgenders, women, beard and body hair transplant can most likely find a doctor with experience in a similar case

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3 Days Treatment in Istanbul

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1-Free Consultation

  • Meet our experts in your area (UK/Netherlands/Belgium)
  • Free consultation
  • Get your treatment plan
  • Make an appointment for suitable day

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2-Surgery in Istanbul

  • Buy your flight tickets to Istanbul
  • We welcome you at the airport
  • Transfer you to your hotel
  • 4* or 5* hotels
  • Accommodation including breakfast

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3- Treatment for 3 Days

  • 8 hours procedure
  • %100 Painless operation
  • PRP Treatment
  • Medicines & Care Products
  • Interpreters with you during operation

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Client's Bill of Rights

Bosphorus Hair Transplant

There are numerous hair transplant clinics both in Turkey and in Europe. However, in every clinic or hospital, patients cannot get health and quality hair transplantation for the money they pay. Even consumers do not object to not knowing what their legal rights are. For this reason, we would like to provide you as a guide for what services you will receive from our company.

Your rights as a patient to have hair transplantation include:
1-Bosphorus Hair Transplant will answer all your questions and make you feel peaceful throughout the process.
2- You can bring your partner, friend or companion with you in consultation.
3-Bosphorus Hair Transplant, in advance to explain you, what to do before/after the surgery and to answer all of your questions.
4- Before the operation, Bosphorus Hair Transplant experts has to analyze your hair and decide the amount of hair to be transferred and your donor area and share this information with you.
5-The selection of the donor area to be used in hair transfer, will be transferred with your consent.
6-Bosphorus Hair Transplant, offers you free consultation. You can consult your hair with your surgeon or reach us by your sales manager before the operation day.
7-You can read the previous comments of Bosphorus Hair Transplant, or you can speak directly with the patients in the permitted database.

FUE (Follicular Unit Excision)

Bosphorus Hair Transplant

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

Hair follicle or a group of follicles; Another conventional technique in which a drilling technique is used to remove the scalp from the scalp by making a small circular cut and leaving a small open hole. The procedure is repeated until the surgeon has enough follicle to cover the treatment site. Holes can heal by turning into small white wounds along the donor area and may become unclear depending on the skill of the surgeon. These scars heal faster and are less visible than FUT.

  • Punch Incision around Hair Follicles
  • Extraction of Follicular Units from the Donor Area
  • Preparing Hair Grafts for Transplantation
  • Implantation of the Grafts into the Recipient Area

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Hair Transplant


Bosphorus Hair Transplant

I liked the results of Bosphorus Hair Transplant and I love my doctor hairline designs, as I like more relatively aggressive hairline (and not the “half circle”, most sergeants do). He’s expert on his job. Thank you so much.– Charles L. / Teacher
I got great experience with Bosphorus Hair Transplant. Thanks for all the info, you have been a great help!! I love my new hair style!– John M. / Finance Manager
Bosphorus Hair Transplant is the best from all the clinics I contacted. While their price is the cheapest their service is the highest. I had great experience with them. Do not hesitate to contact them.– George L. / Chemical Engineer

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Hair Transplant in Istanbul

  1. Fue Hair Transplant
  2. 4 Star Luxury Hotel
  3. PRP Treatment
  4. VIP Transfer (Between Airport&Hotel)
  5. Medicines & Care Products
  6. Interpreters
  7. 24/Service &Advice
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